Hawaii Based Dispensary - Design Concepts

Client’s Needs:

  1. Wanted a dispensary with the functionality of an apothecary and the warmth and comfort of a spa.
  2. Create showcase displays to highlight products and inventory storage units. 
  3. Retail footprint is 3200 square feet with approximately half used for public retail space.

Our Solution:

  1. Utilizing the warm tones of mahogany & ebony along with bright green accent colors & graphics created a perfectly branded and comfortable interior space that could be expanded with the growth of the dispensary.
  2. Developed eight different display fixtures that are placed strategically throughout the retail environment creating the ideal layout with both public shopping areas and interactive counter areas.
  3. Divided the space and presented the fixture layout that allows the perfect combination of public shopping areas and private customer attention.


Products Shown:

  1. Cashwraps & Register Stands
  2. Perimeter Showcases
  3. Island Showcases
  4. Perimeter Merchandising Units
  5. Apparel Merchandising Units
  6. Back Wall Merchandising & Storage Units
  7. Back Wall Counters & Storage Units