ECC Dispensary - Design Concepts

Client’s Needs:

  1. Make customers feel welcome by creating a reception area where staff can greet visitors.
  2. Allow staff to escort customers to a comfortable waiting space where staff can begin to understand customer needs.
  3. Create a floor plan that promotes easy and proper customer flow, letting staff bring customers to a bud tender station. Create a comfortable and educational shopping experience.
  4. Implement a cohesive design for a retail cannabis environment that is consistent and scalable for future growth while maintaining strict budgetary concerns.

Our Solution:

  1. Created a seamless and interactive customer experience from the moment the customer enters the dispensary to when they leave.
  2. Developed a brand identity based on a spa like customer experience. With a combination of warm and natural color tones that help to welcome customers into the experience.
  3. Minimized budgetary concerns by offering a combination of both custom store fixtures and stock inventoried product lines. This combination blends perfectly together while making for a quicker turn-around time.


Products Shown:
From our back wall product shelving to the custom wrap counters, has your solution.

Along the back wall, we utilized the Pipeline Freestanding Merchandising Units from our inventoried retail display systems . These units are shown with custom shelving to match the custom decor, but these units have shelves and accessories in multiple finishes that are in stock and ready for immediate shipping.

Along our front retail counter space, we designed a layout with custom designed wrap counters that pair up perfectly with our in-stock Retail Display Showcase line shown in our stock barnwood finish. These showcases are available in multiple stock finishes to fit most interior designs.

You'll see several cannabis displayers presenting products throughout this retail environment. We offer our one of a kind FlowerBox Cannabis Container that works with several different PlanterDisplays & FlowerVases creating a perfect ecosystem of product presentation. We also have a full line of Stackable Display Risers & Acrylic Displays